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Make S$30,000 In Three Months

Seriously, I set this goal on 3 Oct 2018. I figure that I need S$20,000 as down payment for a second-hand car (cars are notoriously expensive where I live. In fact, it is the most expensive place to buy a  car.). I am planning for a family getaway vacation and would also like to set aside some cash for emergency. So another S$5000 for each of purpose and the grand total would be S$30,000.

I had some small success with Adsense websites previously. After a few tweaks to Google Search, the income stream dried up. I must admit that these websites are pretty crappy. They maximized keywords and use a few methods to generate traffic. In Jun 2007, I paid US$198 to learn how. I was promised that I will eventually be able to hit US$198 a month in Adsense earning. I enrolled in the boot camp and went through some tedious copy writing and even more tedious website promotions. Adsense earning tickled in after a few months. Although I never hit US$198 a month. My Adsense earning over that few years was much more than the US$198 I paid to learn. Eventually, the earning dried up towards the end of 2015. I had also lost interest in this past time.

Time skip to now. I paid a visit to the old boot camp website and found that it was not maintained. I guess the owner has moved on to better things. On impulse, I took over the domain name and challenge myself to do much better than I had ever done previously. Big, hairy, audacious goal indeed.

If you found this website through the search engine, it means that I have done well enough in term of the content creation. From the start, I have determined that I will focus on creating value for anybody who wants to follow in my footsteps. I will not resort to Search Engine Optimization techniques and run the website just for generating Adsense earning. Yes, earning $30,000 is the intention but the journey will be the goal.

Enough of the introduction. I will be busy updating this website over the next few months. Check back regularly to see how I am doing.